Just some of our amazing crew!

The #thejoyfulcrew are a collective bunch of (mostly) women who work towards joy in every area of their lives – physically, mentally, emotionally and, if it floats your boat – spiritually.

And we couldn’t imagine doing that without our essential oils. You see, they aren’t just ‘nice smelling’ potions (see more about that here) They are Mother Nature’s answer to whatever life might throw at us. So when you decide to purchase your oils through myself or anyone in #thejoyfulcrew you will be joining our movement –  one little behaviour change at a time to bring more joy into your life.

Do I have to sell the oils to become a part of your crew?

Absolutely not! There’s only about 10% of our crew that are actively involved the in the awesome biz opportunity – most simply are essential oil addicts that love them and use them in their homes.

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