One of the topics I am most passionate about is talking to teenagers about mindfulness and the positive effect it has on our self-esteem and body image. Through my personal experiences, I share how mindfulness practises (not just meditation!) are a way to put some distance between you and your thoughts and help turn the volume down on the incessant chatter of the mind.

With over 3000 scientific studies proving it’s positive effect on everything from improving relationships and increasing concentration, to lowering stress and developing compassion – a mindfulness practise is worth it’s weight in gold! By demystifying the concept of mindfulness and meditation, I:

  • share my story about overcoming my battles with food
  • engage students in practical, real life exercises
  • highlight just how manipulated the world of social media and celebrities are with Photoshop and ‘before & after’ images
  • address what ‘friends’ , ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ really mean


“Nicole really made a lasting impression on all of us. (We absolutely loved the healthy chocolate mousse we tried and have made it multiple times since her talk!) Social media is a big part of any teenage girl’s life in this day and age and Nicole highlighted the reality of how superficial the world of followers and likes really can be and inspired us to share a more realistic view of our lives and how we interpret what media portrays. She also encouraged us to live more in the moment and less in the screen, which is an important piece of advice that we both have carried with us since. Speaking on behalf of our cohort, we can honestly say that we have all been positively influenced by her visit and strive to live by her ethos.”
Tess Dougherty and Kate Matteson, St Hilda’s School, Gold Coast

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole as part of our Wellbeing Retreat for our students at The Southport School. Nicole delivered mindfulness sessions to our students who benefitted enormously from Nicole’s extensive knowledge and expertise in this area. I highly recommend Nicole for work with students and staff and know that the experience will be worthwhile.

Mark Herriman, Dean of Curriculum Innovation The Southport School

Nicole presented her Mindfulness Session as part of our Year 12 Health and Wellness Program at Varsity College in 2014. Part of me my role as a Year Coordinator was supporting student welfare and implementing programs that students would find meaningful. Nicole was phenomenal to deal with throughout the entire process. She is clearly very passionate about promoting a positive relationship with self and fostering mindfulness in young females. Other programs that aim to promote “positive body image” rarely live up to what they promise to deliver and often approach the topic in a tokenistic manner. However, Nicole’s choice to personalise the experience by sharing her own journey really resonated with the students and encouraged them to feel safe about sharing their own journey. Of all the programs delivered throughout the day, Nicole’s mindfulness program was consistently spoken of as being one of the most valuable experiences of the day.

Zoe Timms, Year 12 Coordinator Varsity College

Each session is tailored to the specific age group and school. I would love to come to your school, if you think this is something that you would be interested in please contact me!