STAND OUT online, ATTRACT clients on repeat & THRIVE in a business that lights you up! 


(without the hustle or overwhelm)


The thought of launching your business & putting yourself out there makes you want to sink a bottle of Rosé & binge watch a whole season of Grace & Frankie.



What you do in your side gig is what you love the most, but you wouldn’t have a clue how to turn your hobby Instagram page into a fully fledged business.


You are not alone, beautiful lady. That would be the number #1 fear I hear from women in my community. They are too afraid of what other people will say or think about them if they were to truly show up as themselves online.

But guess what? Other people's opinion & thoughts about you, don't pay your bills.

And considering there is not one other human on the planet with your unique set of gifts & talents, and not one other person that can tell your story the way you can, it's high time you stop hiding.

Don't worry, I got you.

Doe any of these ring true?

Does the thought of putting your face to your business feel scary AF?

You're a woman in a traditional industry (think lawyers, physiotherapists, teachers & health professionals) wanting to step up your online presence & start using social media to bring in more clients… but your current profile pic is of your cat.


You’ve got a pretty website (that nobody sees), epic testimonials (that again, nobody sees) & you can’t figure out why your ideal clients aren’t banging down your door throwing hundred dollars bills (Kanye-style) your way


Every time you post you’re worried if Aunty Karen, your son’s teacher or your partner’s boss is reading it – so you hold back & post another pretty, generic, boring quote you saw on Pinterest - instead of what you really want to say.


You’re looking to take your physical business online & want to know the most simple & effective way to capture your ideal audience (but you’re a one-woman show without a $5K marketing budget)


You’d rather watch Playschool on repeat with 17 screaming toddlers then spend hours on the phone DMing, hashtagging, & talking to people on the internet that you don't know.


You have so much knowledge & wisdom to share but the idea of stepping in front of the camera makes you want to hide in the pantry with a jar of Nutella.


You are SO DONE with social media & ready to give up. You’re feeling the burnout of pumping out content on the daily only to receive a measly few likes here & there. What’s the point?


If you said yes... I can help

I can help you show up with confidence & consistently attract your dream clients

After leaving a job that sucked the life outta me, I went on to set up 2 successful businesses, publish two books & produce a top-rating podcast

Learn how to overcome your fear and self doubt so that you can launch (& succeed) at the business you know were born to create

Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself, your product or service so that you can turn your passion into profit

Confidently appear on live videos + Instagram stories so that you can position yourself as THE go-to expert in your niche

Build a STAND OUT Personal Brand that consistently attracts the right customers so that you can finally say 'NO' to that soul draining job you hate

Create highly converting social media content without the overwhelm, so you can focus your energy on the things that light you up the most

⭐️I'M IN! ⭐️

An 8 week Group Coaching Program 
Designed to get you SOLD OUT, BOOKED UP & ON PURPOSE


Mindsest & embodiment hacks to get you what you want

Tools on dealing with critics & overcoming resistance (hello self sabotage)

Magnetic Marketing - speak in a language your ideal client understands & never hustle again

Discovering your secret sauce & crafting your unique story

How to show up on camera like a 90's Supermodel

Tips & Tricks for using Instagram to effectively build a solid community of customers (that actually pay you!) PS. It's got nothing to do with how many followers you have either

Inside this course you'll learn everything you need to build a STAND OUT Personal Brand that consistently brings you your dream clients

In addition to content designed to help you ✨SPARKLE ✨ online & become a client magnet, there will be:

✨ Weekly group calls via Zoom covering a specific topic or doing a Q+A/group coaching around that topic.  

✨Intentional set tasks for you to complete specifically designed to support you to gain the confidence & clarity to communicate with your ideal audience in a way that feels good to you (no same 'ol' same ol' cookie cutter templates here thanks)

✨A private Facebook group for all members to ask questions, collaborate, share wins  and support each other through the program
(In addition to the weekly call, there will be one question thread per week where you can get answers to any questions that come up between our weekly calls).

Discover exactly how I'll support you to connecting with your peeps in a way that lights you, your notifications AND your bank account up

Take a peek inside the course modules and...

Your beliefs influence your thoughts & words, which influence your actions. If you're not acting from the right belief, I or anyone else for that matter can teach you all the 'strategy' under the sun... but it won't stick. Sound familiar? It's time to upgrade baby!

How to engage (or not engage with) critics & keyboard warriors, overcome resistance & ignore mainstream narratives so you can focus on what you do best.

Week 1 - Upgrade Your Belief System

Get aligned AF with abundance (& all the other juicy stuff you desire!)

Week 2 - Protecting Your Energy

Stop being loyal to the things that don't deserve your loyalty

WEEKS 7 & 8



WEEKS 3 & 4

WEEKS 1 & 2

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group

Become a shiny arse beacon for dreamy clients that you can't wait to work with

Learn to speak to your ideal client in a way that has her going, "it's like you're in my head!?"

Learn to tell you story in a way that compels people to take the next step with you

Repeatedly attract your dream clients in such a way that scaling your business becomes easeful & FUN!

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group for both weeks

Week 3 & 4 - Magnetic Marketing

If you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one

WEEKS 7 & 8



WEEKS 3 & 4

WEEKS 1 & 2

Lighting & Equipment needed so you look like the go-to expert in your field that everyone wants to hear from

How to speak to camera, what to do with your hands & where to look so your audience knows you're the real deal

Confidence hacks (think sexy lingerie & a luxe body oil) to show up on camera like you never have before!

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group

Week 5 - Camera Confidence

Crank Right Said Fred & feel like a 90's supermodel!

WEEKS 7 & 8


WEEKS 3 & 4


WEEKS 1 & 2

Defining your ‘secret’ sauce & using it a way that makes you POP on the interwebs

Crafting your story & identifying your voice so you can consistently attract the right clientele

Plan out your Personal Brand Photoshoot session so you have stunning images to complement your killer content

Create your Personal Branding Design Bible so whipping up content takes minutes (not hours!)  I see you Canva addict 👀

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group 

Week 6 - Creating a STAND OUT Personal Brand

WEEK 7 & 8



WEEKS 3 & 4

WEEKS 1 & 2

First Impressions count - how to design a profile that attracts your perfect client

Content Planning with Ease (without the overwhelm & burnout!)

Content that converts - all the tips & trick on the different types of posts, hashtags, engagement & ultimately getting the right people looking at you

Live coaching call + access to my feedback in our private Facebook group for both Weeks 7 & 8

Weeks 7 & 8 -  Instagram with ✨Intention✨ 

weeks 7 & 8

week 6

week 5

weeks 3 & 4

weeks 1 & 2

A cashflow friendly payment plan


3 x fortnightly payments


Save $46 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

Best Value

Are you ready to master your mindest, nail your messaging & convert your audience into paying customers?


are just a few words to describe Nicole Joy. Her passion to help women to gain confidence shines through to her work. She made me feel empowered and confident during the shoot and her guidance on coaching me to the align with my “help statement” is an eye opener.

Energetic, enthusiastic and honest


I’m in the early stages of setting up my business and I felt like I needed a bit of guidance from a professional. So I reached out to Nicole who has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. She really helped me to nail down who my ideal client will be and to get a clear idea in my head how I can help them. I was so nervous about my photoshoot as I’m not someone who is confident on camera AT ALL. She made me feel so at ease and with her guidance

Nicole helped me so much!


Nicole really cares. She was fully engaged in wanting to help me tell my story from the moment we first spoke on the phone about my new direction to helping me with feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I loved every moment of the shoot and I am not a person that enjoys my photos being taken! I felt so comfortable & confident - she has an incredible energy and the whole experience was just so professional. I can’t wait to work with her again!

I loved the entire experience!

kind words


+ Self-published TWO cookbooks
+ Run retreats locally & internationally
+ Hosted a podcast with over 100K+ downloads (from my bedroom cupboard!)
+ Established a successful doTERRA business
+ Organically grown my own social media audience which has helped all of the above!

It started with a decision to never wake up dreading the day before me EVER again. That thing that you daydream about doing? That thing you wake up at 2am getting excited about? Do it. Start. Fail. Pivot when you need to (Queen Pivot-er over here!) You don’t need to know it all - just take the first step.

As a Personal Brand Mentor on the Gold Coast, Australia I'm honoured to be able to help women in service led businesses take that next step so that YOU can overcome self doubt and confidently show up online and get noticed, get more of the RIGHT customers & sell WITHOUT the hustle - so your dream of starting and sustaining a business that you LOVE becomes your reality.

And I'm here to make sure you make that impact you so desperately want to make, in a way that only you can make it.

In the last decade I've:

Hey , I'm Nicole. 

Magnetize isn't like other

All the strategy in the world won't help if you're not embodying the beliefs of a successful business owner. I'll help you get switched on aligned AF & in the position to receive all the goodness coming your way!

I'll hold space for you to do just that in a super supportive & encouraging way

I'll help you get the foundations right first, so that everything else comes with more ease (not more stress!)

Even if you can't make the live calls, you will have lifetime access to them & can lean on others for support in the private group 

All the exercises are intentional and will help you move forward in your biz right away!

A unique online experience that combines weekly calls, private groups & intentional exercises

Confidence, Mindest & Mastery

Customers (how to connect to them with clarity)

Content (How to consistently write content that converts)

Everything you need to take your business to the next level is in here!

In such an uncertain time, now more than ever, we need to be equipped with the tools to create our own certainty. Never has there been a more important time to be able to break free from a system that dictates how much money you can earn & when & how you “work”. As more and more businesses are moving to the online space, equipping yourself with the tools to help you stand out, attract dream clients consistently & ultimately enable you to thrive (not just survive) in a business that lights you up – to me, is of utmost importance. Which is why I’m bring this program to you - so YOU have the tools to empower yourself & earn money (damn good money!) doing what you love!

Now is not the time to be spending money on my business.


Running my own business with a toddler in tow has proven to be one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I complete my own coaching calls with one earphone in & one hand cleaning grubby fingers. Sometimes, the TV is my babysitter. I listen to weekly modules in the shower & I get up earlier than I want to some mornings to work on my business. This works around you, which is why the training modules are kept to around 20 minutes with two implementation weeks scheduled (no live calls) to allow you the space to absorb more at your own pace. This isn’t a competition and although I highly recommend you prioritise attending the live calls, I know life (& tantrums) happen.

I don’t have time for another course. 


Ab-so-freaking-lutely. Some of the most valuable concepts that I have learnt & some of my biggest ah-hah moments have come from listening to my brilliant coach, workshop problems with other people on our Mastermind calls. The thing is, when you have a container full of women who are launching & running businesses, a lot of the same issues surface. You can betcha if someone else is asking a question – 99% of the time you’re going to benefit from the answer as well. All calls will be recorded & you will have access to them for life.

What if I can’t make the live calls, will I still get value? 


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

I'm guessing if you've gotten this far, your business isn't exactly bringing in the financial freedom & lifestyle success you dreamed of right? Magnetize will cover the very things that every business owner needs to address from the get-go. Consider this breathing new life into your tired business that will re-energise, re-invigorate & re-inspire the very things that you set out to achieve when you launched - (lots of) repeat happy customers spending on a service that lights you up to provide for you and your family in exactly the ways you dreamed of - no hustle, burnout or overwhelm required! Remember, your business will only grow if YOU do.

I've been in business for years,  this won't be relevant for me.


Girl, it’s a hard pass from me when it comes to fluffy & to be honest, I’m a little pissed at how the online space has made such an important part of running a successful business so ‘fluffy’. Because the thing is, you can be shown all the things in the world to do practically, but if it’s not backed by some rock-star confidence & tools to meet those inevitable low moments & meltdowns – you’re not going to get very far. Mindset work is not just repeating esoteric affirmations that mean diddly squat to you, it’s about cultivating, preserving & constantly working on (daily, might I add) a self-belief that flies in the face of your current surroundings, it’s a DECISION to back yourself, no matter what. I lovingly suggest that if your business isn’t where you want it to be, it might be time to take this kinda work seriously.

I don’t want fluffy mindset work, I want the real deal.


Let me ask you something? How’s all those ‘free’ trainings going for you? The information overwhelm as you download yet another ‘secret to success?’

There’s a reason group programs & containers like this that provide ongoing support are so effective. It’s not the information that you need more of, it’s the self-belief & the path that you take to get there. It’s the knowing that you’re not alone & the fact that you have your very own personal cheerleading team waving pom poms for you - Every.Damn.Day That’s what you’re paying for – real human support. I’ll be in there guiding you along so you can finally implement they things you have been thinking about doing so you can show up in a way that feels good AND allows you to convert your audience into paying customers & clients that literally can’t get enough of you.

I can just find this information online & do it myself


I know what it feels like to second guess yourself at every turn. To hide your gifts away from the world because you think you aren't anything special. Well girl, that's BULLSHIT & it's high time you knew that!

I know you want to show up & shine in the world & make the impact you've been dreaming of, and I would be honoured to take that next step with you.

The world needs you now more than ever.

a STAND OUT online presence, crystal clear clarity & a plan to help you consistently attract your dream clients 

When you finish this program you'll walk away with


A cashflow friendly payment plan




Save $46 when you pay in full


one-time payment of

Best Value

Are you ready to stand out online, consistently attract dream clients & THRIVE in your business?

Magnetize is for you if:

⭐️ You want a roadmap out of a job that you hate so that you can turn your hobbyist side gig into a full time money making adventure (or at least enough to support your online shopping habit  👠 👗 😉 )

⭐️ You want an easy, uncomplicated, a-monkey-could-do-it kinda content strategy so that you no longer have to stress out over what to post on social media enabling you to focus more time and energy on what you do best

⭐️ You're sick of thinking about launching your business & are ready to take action with the best cheer squad a girl could ask for👏🏻📣

⭐️ You are ready to express yourself the way you want online without letting fear of what other people will think & say stop you

⭐️ You're sick of  desperately chasing customers and are ready to speak the language your customer speaks &  say hello to a whole new audience that are YOUR PEOPLE

⭐️ You want to be able to get in front of the camera without having a nervous breakdown or heart palpitations so you can educate & empower the people you know you are here to.

⭐️ You're ready to do this online marketing thing without having to spend thousands of dollars & hours on your phone so you can lead that life you've always dreamed of

⭐️I'M READY!⭐️