Can we do something a little different?

Becoming a mother has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It’s pushed me to my limits and had me feeling like a epic failure more times than I care to remember. Not that long ago I fell apart whilst watching other mothers on social media launching new products and programs and here I was crying over trying to meal plan for three people. I only had one child and I felt like I was drowning.

I kept looking to the outside world for the one thing that would fix me – the course, the book, the tarot card, the medium healer, you name it – I was convinced that someone else had the answer. I just kept cramming in more things, determined to learn more so I could get my shit together (side note: my shit still isn’t together, it’s just more fun)

Hi, I'm Nicole Joy 

'ABOUT' pages always stump me. It's kinda weird listing out things like a resume.

So here's some juicy stuff instead...

I literally had no space. I was crumbling at the slightest challenges (cooking dinner) constantly on edge, frazzled and depleted. I had given up on doing things I used to do just for fun - like painting, singing an dancing. Because who has time for that right?

Actually, we can't afford not to have the time

After making a promise to myself to commit to change, I started up my meditation practise and daily journaling, and each and every day I would do something fun – just for the hell of it! Dance, sing, paint, write, play – you name it. In the space of a few weeks, I started seeing a shift. I had created more space in my life. 

This space allowed me to respond and not react to challenging situations, it allowed me to come up with new ideas effortlessly (like this very course!) I started to enjoy being in the kitchen again and I was enjoying the process (aka, life) instead of always thinking of ways it could and should be better. By removing the pressure of trying to do it all, strangely enough – I began to get more done. But it was from a place of ease and joy, not from the break neck speed of trying to keep up with everyone else. So here we are, and now it’s really clear what I want to do - I want to help you get the results like I have.


In Year 10, I was relentlessly teased for being a 'flirt' because at lunch time instead of gossiping and flicking through TV Hits, I played sports with the boys .

Back in the day, I won Miss World QLD and raised $20K for the Abused Child Trust.

I used to hate my curls and straighten them everyday (most people didn’t even know I HAD curls).

I was a primary and high school teacher for over ten years (and I hated it for the most part).

I’ve been doing TV commercials for 20 years. I auditioned for Neighbours twice.

I published two cookbooks and used to have my own sleepwear label.

Recording my very own podcast, Becoming Mum is one of my greatest accomplishments

I meditate most days, but will still yell “What the fuck?!” when someone cuts me off or is going too slow.

I am a dog person through and through, cats are not welcome in my house #meow

In my mid-twenties I had Bulimia. It breaks my heart when I think what I put myself through.

I once had to fill in for the lead singer of a band (high school band, calm down) and sing Queen’s 'Don’t Stop Me Now. I crushed it. #freddywho 

90’s RNB is my jam. #nodiggity

Things you *might* find interesting

Creative practices give us space to uncover the truest and most authentic parts of ourselves

By taking smaller risks with expressing ourselves creatively, our confidence increases

The more confident we are, the more conviction we have in our message

The more we can confidently express ourselves the more we  can go after what we really want

We all have a role to play, in a way no one else can play it (that’s our freaking epic you are!)

I believe that every single one of us has a unique story to tell

The thing is we need to give ourselves the permission and space to be able to hear what that story is. And this is where creativity comes in...

my business values


Nicole's own journey on the road to self acceptance is a wonderful and honest story that many women experience, yet rarely discuss. 

Raw, real + relatable


Nicole intelligently facilitates honest discussions of sensitive topics through her innately unique blend of effervescence, whit and raw tenacity. She’s a smiling assassin - in all the right ways!

Intelligent, witty + raw


Nicole is down-to-earth, raw, authentic and hilarious! We need more role models like her for women - inspiring us to be our true selves and collaborate, not compete. Real queens fix each other's crowns. Love you!

We need more role models like Nicole


You are a light in what is sometimes a dark tunnel of impossible expectations projected on Instagram. Thank you for saying it as it is for many women.

You are a shining light 


Nicole you are the most genuine, kind and inspiring woman. It's amazing what you do for your community of women. You continue to inspire me

Such an inspiration

kind words

LET'S blossom

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin