IVF Hope Journey

Let’s get real about IVF (and not be ashamed)

My own fertility journey has made me aware of a stigma attached to women in the “health + wellness” arena that fertility treatment means that we haven’t tried hard enough or aren’t really that healthy. I never thought I would need to and to be honest fought the idea of it because I just couldn’t accept our story. But when I fully accepted our story, it meant I could write the ending (thanks Brené Brown).

IVF is not the ‘easy’ option, nor is it the ‘guaranteed’ option. For me, it was the opportunity to take a real good look at my life – exercise, proper nutrition, emotional and mental health cannot, in my opinion, be overlooked. It forced me to deal with other issues. I worked on my gut (hello Ayurveda), I stepped up my meditation, I got serious with what foods I put in my body (well most of the time, because #life) I realllly leaned into the support of essential oils on an emotional level which helped immeasurably. Did you ever wonder why I started doing the emotion + essential oil classes and why I started singing mantras? Oils baby 🌱🌸

We hold back success stories because we don’t want to upset people or have others think that we’re bragging. But ladies, we NEED to hear positive stories, we need to know that there is HOPE.

For me, and I strongly believe this is because of all the work I did beforehand, IVF was a pretty positive experience ( we’ve got something to work with now). Besides a killer headache on day 1 and intense red meat cravings the process was OK. The injections (twice a day for me) didn’t hurt as much as I thought, but egg collection wasn’t brilliant (having your eggs sucked out through a needle that’s inserted into your vaginal wall when you’re awake is never going to be fun). This is not the end for us and although I know what I want the outcome to look like, there are things outside of my control. Things that, if I surrender to, will ease my suffering.

Let’s open up this conversation, let’s lift the guilt and shame about not falling pregnant “like you’re supposed to” and support each other through this process. Because #togetherwecan

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