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Using essential oils; Changing the way health care is delivered.

In my humble opinion, we should all be learning how to use essential oils. Globally, we have access to more resources and information regarding our health than ever before – yet we are more sick, tired, fatigued and disease ridden than we’ve ever been. doTERRA are shaking up the health care system in the US like nobody’s business and with the First Medical Symposium on Essential Oils having just taken place – essential oils are no longer viewed as ‘hippie smelling potions’. I am SO pumped to be a part of this movement. I, like doTERRA believe in challenging the status quo and if it means upsetting people who just don’t get it and people laughing at me and my oils – then so be it. I AM ALL IN. Are you?

From the moment I wake up, right through to the moment my head hits the pillow at night – they are a part of my every day life. I cook with them,  apply them to my skin, use them in the diffusers, clean with them, put them on my face – you  name it, I have a use for them!

This post is designed to give you some inspiration on how to use essential oils – morning, noon and night! If you want to learn more about why I only use doTERRA oils and why essential oils are so effective, you’ll want to read this.

1. Morning Sunshine!

If you find it a little difficult to get going in the a.m (or perhaps the kiddies take a little too long to get ready for school!) try this diffuser blend. I actually have nick named it my ‘Get Sh*t Done’ blend as it’s like a little kick in the pants for your senses. Whether you need to get going in a hurry, do the housework in a flash or stay focused for a really important task – this is your blend!

2. Immune Booster

I just cannot go past the Protective blend for supporting your immune system all year round. Containing Clove (highest anti-oxidant capacity of any other plant on the planet!) Cinnamon and Wild Orange to name a few – I either add a drop to warm black tea (not boiling hot, as the heat can destroy up to 75% of the therapeutic qualities) with a touch of honey* OR I make my Best Ever Turmeric Latte

*Oils and water don’t mix right? Basic science 101. So to help the oil disperse throughout the liquid so you aren’t lumped with a big dollop on top, use a little honey or salt and give it a really good stir in warm water.

3. Detox

All the benefits without the citric acid!. I love to have a drop of Lemon in some warm water or tea. The lemon oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit so there is none of the citric acid that is found in the fruit. That citric acid is responsible for wearing down your tooth enamel (even if you use a straw!) So if you do that regularly, I suggest trying this instead. You’ll get all the same immune and digestion boosting benefits, and you’re teeth (and dentist!) will love you for it! I also love to use this as a natural hand sanitiser when on the go!*

*Citrus oils are photosensitive and are not recommended to be put onto skin that will then be exposed to sunlight. See more here.

4. Proper Nutrition

Errrry day. These are my non-negotiables. The antioxidant capacity in these babies are equivalent to 12 serves of fruits and vegetables. Lucky – because there is no way I get that many in on my own! The supps are also supercharged with doTERRA’s essential oils and contain ‘therapeutic doses’ of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s not just listing 100+ ingredients on the label to make itself look good (shitty supplements on the market, I’m talking to you!) The doses are actually doing something. No stimulants, no synthetics and they are made in Australia and TGA Approved. #winning

But Nicole, I eat really healthy, I don’t need a supplement.

I wish that was the case, but that’s just not enough in today’s fast paced, toxin loaded world. We gotta face it – food isn’t what it used to be , exposure to toxins and stress has sky rocketed and our bodies, particularly our cells, are bearing the load.  Disease starts when cells fail, so it makes so much sense to prioritise cellular  health.

5. Natural Perfume

I deadset threw away all my perfumes when I found out what nasties are lurking in those department store varieties.  Hormone disrupting chemical toxins that we spray all over us – eeeew! Did you know that when you see the word ‘fragrance’ listed in the ingredients of a cosmetic or beauty products, that just means there are about a dozen other toxic chemicals that do not need to be disclosed due to trade secret law. Scary huh?

So how’s about I teach you how to make your own natural non-toxic version that will have strangers asking you “what are you wearing?” all day long.

– 25 drops Grounding Blend

– 15 drops Women’s Blend

– 5 drops Invigorating Blend

Add to a 10ml glass roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut or any other scentless carrier oil.

6. Multi-purpose Bench Spray

This I use about a bajillion times per day. And I have no dramas doing so as I know it is all 100% natural and effective.

Recipe for a 500ml bottle:

– 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup white vinegar

– squirt of liquid castille soap (or another natural dishwashing liquid)

– 30 drops of either Lemon, Protective or Refreshing Blend

500ml Amber Glass Bottles can be purchased from here

Heavy duty trigger sprays can be purchased from here

Essential oils will break down the cheaper trigger sprays, causing them to become blocked and not work properly. Also ensure your thread (usually 28ml) on the bottle matches the trigger!

7. Make cooking fun!

There isn’t a night that goes by that I don’t use one of my oils in our dinner. I am going to help you get started by giving you my FREE eBook – The Essential Kitchen. Everything you need to know to start cooking with these pure essential oils.

 8. Youthful Radiance

Composed of some of the richest and rarest oils, the Anti-Aging Blend is a powerful oil that will help beautify and nourish the skin. Salubelle (or Immortelle in the US) oil is a skincare must-have that can help reduce contributing factors to the appearance of aging skin. This convenient and absorbent roll-on oil can be applied to the face, neck, and décolletage to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Incorporating Immortelle into a skincare routine will also help sustain smoother, more radiant and youthful-looking skin. I like to mix mine with Jojoba oil! And it’s 100% natural – no nasties at all! Ingredients: Frankincense Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Gum Resin, Helichrysum Flower and Rose Flower. Divine!

What does it do?

– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduces blemishes
– Nourishes your skin, leaves you with a healthy glow
– powerful and renewing

9. Bedtime Rituals

I like to get my room all prepared (alarm set, phone on airplane mode, meditation music playing, diffuser on, lights off) before I brush my teeth at night, so when I come back into the room all I need to do is drift off to sleep.

2-3 drops of both Lavender and Cedarwood in the diffuser is a beautiful combination that promotes a restorative sleep. I also like to put a drop each in the palm of my hand with some coconut oil and give myself a nice foot massage. I then pop any leftover on the back of my neck and over my pillows so I can really breathe it all in.

10. Happy Tummy!

This oil is nick named the Tummy Tamer – and with good reason! Comprised of Ginger, Peppermint , Caraway, Coriander, Anise, Tarragon  and Fennel essential oils if helps to reduce bloating, cramps, gas and maintain a healhty digestive system. I like to keep it handy with me at all times and just a drop mixed with a carrier oil rubbed over my tummy usually does the trick!

If you want to learn more about these natural goodies or get your hands on them for 25% off the RRP, drop me a line! I would love to see how I can help you.

What about you? How do you use your essential oils?


  1. This article is so great! I already love essential oils and use them a lot, but you have definitely inspired me to use them in new ways (cooking!!) ❤ thanks for the great info!

  2. Hi Nicole, I am a newly enrolled member to Doterra. I have absorbed myself into so many you tube tutorials & lectures, my teams fb page & websites like yours, learning & soaking up all the information I can. I’m in love already!

    I watched your class on perfume making. Can I get my hands on the guideline documents you presented?

    1. Hi Amanda! Unfortunately the friend that used to make them no longer does. I can’t seem to find anything quite like it! Maybe check eBay or Etsy? x

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