when we nurture our creativity,
it nurtures us

An invitation to explore your creativity, strengthen your intuition and develop more confidence



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When you block that, or suppress those creative impulses, you are blocking your own life force. When we allow that life force to flow through us, we open up space for more opportunities and we strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves. We take more risks and in the taking of more risks we become more confident. Whether you need to appear on live TV and sing in front  of thousands or whether you need to show up on social media for your small business, pitch an idea to your boss or have that intense conversation with your partner - unlocked will help you get there.

Creativity is life force energy

Do you already have the ideas and the knowledge to execute it all, yet fear and self doubt are always there to sabotage your efforts?



Are you a personal development junkie jumping from course to book to seminar? Just waiting to find the one thing that
will solve it all?



Do you hear that little voice? Feel that gut instinct of what your soul came here to do, but you don't know how to access it?



Tell me, do any of these resonate?

what are you not creating, that you want to be creating
right now?

I've got the keys to unlocking your
creativity and confidence

You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

Creativity is not always found in a box of crayons. 

Here’s the thing, just like we each have a thumbprint unique to us, we all have a soulprint – a set of unique gifts and desires that only we possess. We all have our own song to sing and story to tell and no one call tell it in the way we can. By keeping that story and those gifts to yourself, you are denying the rest of us your brilliance. And that’s not cool.
It’s actually kinda selfish.

Creativity is an expression of your soul. Tapping into your creativity is like cupping a glass to the wall of your soul. It's the doorway into really
hearing what you are
meant to hear. 


Nicole is down-to-earth, raw, authentic and hilarious! We need more role models like her for women - inspiring us to be our true selves and collaborate, not compete. Real queens fix each other's crowns. Love you!

We need more role models like Nicole


Nicole's own journey on the road to self acceptance is a wonderful and honest story that many women experience, yet rarely discuss. 

Raw, real + relatable


Nicole intelligently facilitates honest discussions of sensitive topics through her innately unique blend of effervescence, whit and raw tenacity. She’s a smiling assassin - in all the right ways!

Intelligent, witty + raw


You are a light in what is sometimes a dark tunnel of impossible expectations projected on Instagram. Thank you for saying it as it is for many women.

You are a shining light 


Nicole you are the most genuine, kind and inspiring woman. It's amazing what you do for your community of women. You continue to inspire me

Such an inspiration

kind words

what you are seeking to express is seeking to be expressed by you

Do you want to create more space in your life? To allow the flow of opportunities in more freely?

Do you want to learn how to overcome your fear and self doubt?

Learn to develop an unshakeable belief in yourself?

Would you like to confidently talk about topics that you are passionate about?

Is building your personal brand authentically and attracting like minded souls important to you?

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pause. reconnect. tune in


Explore the concept of free writing – a practise that has changed my life!

Be guided by incredible artist Sandy Cousen in an art therapy session. I promise you, you will be blown away at what you can create under her guidance

Liberate yourself through movement with Dance and Yoga teacher Brie Quartermaine - a liberating movement session on both the physical and emotional levels

Receive a sound healing with crystal sound bowls, powerful mantra + a guided meditation

Gift bag, morning + afternoon tea included

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$197 AUD

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To keep this experience as intimate and transformative as possible, places are limited to 12

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The world needs to hear your message, in only the way you can tell it.

Oh hi friends! There's a bit more about me below, but lemme tell you something simple. I stand for alignment, expression + personal responsibility and I believe when we all take ownership of how those three elements play out in out lives - magical things can happen.


Apart from being one of my soul sisters, Brie's passion for teaching yoga + dance is something I feel privelaged to witness. Her dance classes light my soul on fire and the way she understands women's bodies and how we all innately know how to move is incredible.


Artist Sandy Cousen, founder of The Calm Studio has been on her creative journey for over 20 years, and is not only an incredibly gifted artist, but a qualified art therapist. as well. Sandy is a beam of light who has the same mission as I do - help others tap into their innate creativity.


Meet the girls

Becoming a mother has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. It’s pushed me to my limits and had me feeling like a epic failure more times than I care to remember. Not that long ago I fell apart whilst watching other mothers on social media launching new products and programs and here I was crying over trying to meal plan for three people. I only had one child and I felt like I was drowning.

I kept looking to the outside world for the one thing that would fix me – the course, the book, the tarot card, the medium healer, you name it – I was convinced that someone else had the answer. I just kept cramming in more things, determined to learn more so I could get my shit together (side note: my shit still isn’t together, it’s just more fun)

I literally had no space. I was crumbling at the slightest challenges (cooking dinner) constantly on edge, frazzled and depleted. I had given up on doing things I used to do just for fun - like painting, singing an dancing. Because who has time for that right?

When I made the commitment to make time, In the space of a few weeks, I started seeing a shift. By removing the pressure of trying to do it all, strangely enough – I began to get more done. But it was from a place of ease and joy, not from the break neck speed of trying to keep up with everyone else.

And now it’s really clear what I want to do - I want to help you feel this joy, peace and bliss too.

Where it all began

You've obviously landed on this page for a reason - and perhaps if you've never delved into the inner workings of the universe, this could be the perfect time! Everything is guided and woo woo language is kept to a minimum, promise!

I've never meditated and don't consider myself spiritual, is this for me?


100%. Exploring creativity in all it's diverse forms will uncover different things for different people. By combining powerful practises together with art + dance, you'll be surprised at what reveals itself to you.

I feel I'm confident enough, but would really like to develop my creativity. Will this work for me too?


It is more than ok! Remember this is not about being an artist. It's tapping into that unique creative ability that we all have. And that is going to look different for each and every one of us.

I'm a complete beginner and have never painted before. Is that ok?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

want to start saying yes to YOU

would like to explore and develop your creativity, but you just don't know where to start

are feeling stuck, uninspired or a little lost

want to be able to confidently express your ideas and message to people in your life, in your workplace or online

are feeling overwhelmed and want to create more space in your life

need time out to nourish, rest and restore

This experience is perfect for you if you:

Full price $222

$197 AUD

early bird payment of

Early Bird Pricing

I cannot wait to share this experience with you. With only 12 spaces available, this is going to be the gentle, safe and transformative experience you've been waiting for.

Upon Paypal payment completion, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with all the finer details

Unlock your clarity, creativity & confidence

I'm opening the door for you to see how things can be different.

You have a message that the world needs to hear in only the way you can tell it. You have hidden talents and creativity that you might not know about. And after this workshop, you'll have a clear plan for uncovering and sharing those with the world - in whatever way that looks like for you.

Clarity and tools for living your best creative & confident life

After this workshop you will walk away with

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