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Goddess Rising

Let me ask you something. Is there something that you really REALLY want to do? Want to create? Want to spend more time doing? Release out into the world?

Ok and does the thought of that make you part wanna dance around like a kid in a candy store and part run screaming for the hills?

If the answer is a full body resounding YES (bonus points for the goosebump!) your soul is calling your name and is seeking to express itself through you. I have three words for you …


There’s a few moments in time I’d like to share with you that my soul’s yearning to express really made me take notice (and realise that I should bloody do something about it!)

– Singing ‘Lean on Me’ in my Grade 8 Music class in 1995
– Singing ‘Foolish Games’ on stage when I was part of the Miss World Qld competition​​​ in 2005
– Attending my first women’s circle and hearing Whaia Whaea play​ + sing then going home and singing and writing music I didn’t even know I had in me
– Hearing Jessie Reimers sing the Ek Ong Kar​ mantra at the 2016 doTERRA Convention

After every single one of these moments, a little voice inside of me whispered – ‘sing, for the love of God woman SING!’ (Ok, so maybe she shouted!) But I just stayed playing small, singing at home while hubby played the guitar, trying to ignore my urge to share my voice.

Fast forward to around April last year and I had just completed an Emotions + Essential Oils class for about 20 people and I was leading a guided meditation. The voice came back. And this time she meant business. “Open your bloody mouth and SING!”

And so I did​​​​​​.

I could literally feel the chambers of my heart pounding inside of my chest, my palms went clammy and I felt like I’d just dined on the finest cotton wool balls.

But I did it anyway.

When I finished, I felt so empowered, free and liberated. I’d shared my voice with 20 more people in the world (and they seemed to like it!) My gorgeous soul sister Amy (one of the MOST incredible yoga teachers you will EVER come across) has been encouraging me from that moment onwards, acting as my own personal cheerleader every time I let doubt creep in and deny me from sharing my gift. For about 12 months, all I did was share my voice at the end of an essential oil workshop – I didn’t go any further than that. Until about a few months ago…

Remember that Jessie girl I spoke about? Singing at Convention a few years back? Well her and I started singing lessons together and the rest well, is history. In a few short months:

  • I have shared videos of me singing online (here’s a little snippet)
  • I organised and ran the very first Goddess Rising event which was a combination of meditation, song (me singing!) originals and mantras in combination with crystal sound bowls
  • And I will be getting into a recording studio in the coming months to get some of these originals down so you guys can listen to them whenever you want!
  • Oh and I literally just asked Wanderlust if I could sing at their event (WTF?!)

All because I said YES. Because, in spite of feeling terrified, I did what I knew I really wanted (and needed to do).

Maybe your song isn’t so much a song as it is a piece of artwork. Or a fabulous dish cooked with love. Or scrapbooking. Or photography. Or washing dogs. Or writing books. It doesn’t mean we all have to sing per se, but we all have a gift – something that only we can do. Sure, there are other singers, writers, cooks and dog washers out there, but they still don’t do it like you. Nobody does it like you. And there are people out there who need to hear the message from you. That’s how important it is that you express what you were meant to express here on this earth and in this lifetime. It simply will not come into existence without you.

So, I wanna know… what have you been yearning to express? And are you ready to commit to that right now?

I can’t wait to hear what it is!

That which you are seeking, is seeking you – Rumi

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