Fast Track to ABUNDANCE

Could this video be the sign you were looking for?

Saying YES to dōTERRA has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having been a solepreneur for the better part of the last decade – doing everything myself, having no one (besides hubby!) to bounce ideas off and doing it all from scratch without any support from someone who had already succeeded – I was ready to change it up!

Fast forward a year or so and Team Joy has impacted almost 1100 families (and growing!) world wide with a team of beautiful leaders that inspire me to continue this journey every single day. My girls, as I affectionately call them, are a part of my why, they have become the reason I continue to do what I do. We talk everyday (laugh even more!) and I can honestly say they have become my closest friends. Each person in my team has their own reasons for coming on this journey with me, and now I couldn’t be more honoured to help them achieve that.

Imagine for a second…

It’s lunch time. And instead of racing out for a 30 minute break before your manager starts manically calling you… you casually stroll down to the park at the end of your street, choose a tree to sit under as you enjoy a nourishing bowl of goodness with a light breeze in your hair and the warm sun on your face.

Imagine being able to stay home with your babies (fur babies included!) instead of sending them off to day care 5 days per week.

Imagine being able to walk into your workplace with the knowledge that your home based business can financially support you and your family and the satisfaction you will fee when you hand in your resignation letter.

Earlier this year, on an all expense paid trip to Fiji with my doTERRA sisters

All this and more is possible.

This is no BS. At the time of writing this, I literally just came back from a midday ocean swim and coffee with my fur baby on the beautiful Gold Coast. I get to do that. Every day. Girls on my team are quitting their jobs, selling their businesses and stepping into their full potentials. It gives me goosebumps and I am beyond grateful at what I get to do now.

When I started this biz, I there was no blueprint for me. Very generously, other leaders in doTERRA shared the wealth of information with me (Tara + Jessie, I’m talking to you, you legends!) but it wasn’t all in the same place. Enter Fast track to Abundance – a tool with everything you need to know about creating a successful doTERRA business, all in the one spot.

What can you expect?

– No guess work, or time wasting activities (been there, done that!)

– Targeted modules designed to help you succeed

– Videos to enhance understanding of the content

– Comprehensive resource list

Module 1 : Welcome to doTERRA  (Starting out, how to set up, all the basics)

Module 2: Finding your Why (Pinpointing your real motivation)

Module 3 : Understanding the Loyalty Rewards Program (The crux of the compensation plan)

Module 4: Launching your Biz (How to do this following a tried + true system)

Module 5: Finding your Tribe (How to go about building your team)

Module 6: Successfully Inviting People into Your Vision (without annoying them!)

Module 7: Presenting (How to deliver the information to your customers step-by-step)

Module 8: Enrolments + Placements (How to organise your team, so everyone wins)

Module 9: Follow Up and Support (How to follow up authentically and support your team)

Module 10: Compensation Plan (how we very generously get paid)

Module 11: Social Media 101 (Get the low-down on how to use social media as an asset to your biz)

Module 12: Success Formula (Setting your sights on Diamond + beyond)

BONUS: Handling Objections (What to say when you’re asked ‘those’ questions)

BONUS: Favourites (Books, Podcasts + Inspiration when you need it most)

Collaboration over competition.

You don’t have to go this alone, nor do you have to go at the pace of others. We are all so different, different stages in our life, different commitments, different goals and ambitions. So it makes sense that our doTERRA journeys won’t all be a carbon copy of each other. And that’s ok.

From health care practitioners and yoga teachers to stay-at-home-mummas and ex-CEO’s, our team is beautifully diverse – and we’d love to have you.

Is this for you?

If you want it to be, it can be. I believe this business is for everyone. BUT and that’s a big BUT. If you think you can sell a few oils and put your feet up after 6 months in the Bahamas somewhere – this ain’t for you!

Is it simple? Yes.

Is it easy? No.

Although the steps to success aren’t rocket science, they do need to be followed. Consistently. Like everyday. And similar to all businesses – you get out what you put in. You can’t put in 5 hours work per week and expect a 40 hour per week income.

I already have a doTERRA account. Can I join your team and get access to Fast Track to Abundance?

Unfortunately not. I’m not here to take wellness advocates away from anyone. Seek the support of your upline and let them know you want in on this amazing opportunity!

The next step

Are you ready to leave the behind the opinions of others, go beyond the edges of what you thought possible and lead the life you  know you were born to? If you’re still reading, chances are you are pretty interested right? So let me give you the ins + outs of it all in under 10 minutes:

If you already have an existing business (think massage, physiotherapist or any other wellness practitioner) this video will be especially helpful… you’re welcome

Download this information pack and if you still think it’s for you, I’ll be here with open arms. I can’t wait!