How do I  purchase a book?
Once you have selected your book, simply press ‘Add to Cart’ and you will be guided through the rest of your process. Please see pictures below for what the screen should appear like.

PLEASE NOTE:The eBook is a PDF Version and not a Kindle/iBook. Follow the instructions below to view on Kindle/iBooks:


1. Click to download your purchases (AFTER you have finalised payment)

2. Once it has opened in the PDF viewer, click the symbol (as indicated) in the top right corner to download and save to your desktop.

3. Then save file. (See instructions below for how to then view on your device).






To view on iBooks (iPhone/iPad): Click here

Kindle (recommended for Android):

1. Download the Kindle app if you don’t already have it and follow the prompts to set up your Kindle account.

2. Once created go into ‘Settings.’ You’ll see that Kindle has come up with your very own ‘Send-to-Kindle Email Address.’
You can now email yourself attachments to the above email address.

3. Once the PDF has been sent, check your Kindle Library the book should automatically appear after a couple of minutes.