Ep:6 What you need to know about Hypnobirthing with Shari Lyon

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Shari Lyon is the director and founder of Belly2Birth, where she teachers couples about the many options they have when it comes to bringing their little cherubs into the world. She is an award-winning Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner  passionate about spreading the message of positive birth and passionate about educating couples and mums to be about all their possible options. It’s not all about natural births either, that’s what makes Hypnobirthing Australia so different – Shari offers the only course in the world for a positive birth experience for a c-section delivery.

In this episode we cover:

(5:00) How Hypnobirthing can assist in a long labour

(12:10) How to involve your birth partner

(15:30) Why Hypnobirthing is for all births, not just ‘natural’

(27:00) The important distinction between perceiving sensations versus feeling ‘pain’

(32:29) Hypnobirthing for VBAC

(39:00) What you can expect to learn in a Hypnobirthing course with Shari

(48:00) The importance of protecting your space and choosing only to hear positive birth stories

+ a whole lot more!

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