Ep: 43 Healing from miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth and sexual trauma with Pammy Foster

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide and Stillbirth

Pammy Foster is the woman behind Womb Whispers –  a sacred place held for women to heal from trauma, whilst honouring their journey and finding hope for the future. In her own words, Pammy has been walking a journey of grief and pain for almost 30 years.From losing her father in her childhood years to enduring multiple acts of sexual violence and most recently experiencing miscarriage and giving birth to her stillborn daughter. This incredible and heart breaking story has led Pammy to be where she is today  – a mother, trauma recovery coach and end of life celebrant creating a community of hope for women healing from miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth and sexual trauma. In this vulnerable conversation, we learn about her story and how she has come through the other side and she delicately shares some words of wisdom for people who might be going through similar experiences. We do touch on some very sensitive subjects, so if you are not in the right head space to be listening to this, please skip this episode.

If you are in need please call Life Life on 13 11 14

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