Ep 42: A dietitian’s approach to a healthy and happy mama and baby with Heidi Sze

Heidi Sze is a mother of two, cook, dietitian and writer from the Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Her blog, Apples Under My Bed is her online journal where she writes about food and all things motherhood, and she has just recently released her book Nurturing your New Life which we talk about today. Heidi is a non-diet dietitian, and doesn’t prescribe meal plans or encourage unnecessary food restriction. Her goal is a happy and healthy mother and baby – and knows that will look different for everyone. As well has chatting about optimum nutrition for mamas, we also dive into how to get our little babes eating health as well.

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Ellyn Satter – Division of Responsibility

Self-Compassion Research by Kristin Neff

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