Ep: 4 #realmumtalk with Ash Lane

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Ash Lane is a Gold Coast Fat Loss & Nutrition Expert, that specialises in 1:1 coaching for women who train their butts off and eat fairly well but are getting little to no return. Ash shows women how to Train LESS, Eat MORE and double your results, in a non-restrictive, un-diety and sustainable way. She’s a straight up, no BS kinda gal and today we’re going to get a raw insight into Ash’s birth story and just how challenging the early days were for her and her husband.

In this #realmumtalk episode we cover:

(3:20) the documentary that changed Ash’s fear based mindset – The Business of Being Born

(11:30) how Calm birth classes not only prepare the woman for birth, but is incredibly valuable for partners as well

(17:20) Ash’s experience of going into labour at 36 weeks and 4 days

(32:00) a positive birth doesn’t necessarily mean a pain-free birth

(33:30) it’s not always a overwhelming sense of love and connection when you first hold your baby

(38:40) what it was like to have a screaming baby from word go

(42:20) why it’s so important to include gratitude, meditation and mindfulness into your morning routine

(45:55) Ash’s Aunty’s trick for discovering her son had reflux

(47:46) how newborn life takes a toll on new Dads too
+ a whole lot more!

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The Business of Being Born

Tens Machine

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