Ep: 29 #realmumtalk Surrogacy in Australia with Melonie Wells

Melonie Wells is a 35 year old single mum, who is also a Gestational Surrogate living in Tasmania, Australia. Together with an egg donor in Victoria, two intended parents in NSW and the fertility clinic in QLD her first adventure as a surrogate was a nationwide effort! Today we’ll chat about surrogacy in Australia, the process, the legalities and considerations future parents to be might need to make on their path to becoming parents.

For more information on Surrogacy in Australia, see the below links:

Australian Surrogacy Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/ftsaust

Sarah Jefford – www.sarahjefford.com

Fertility Connections – www.fertilityconnections.com.au

Families Through Surrogacy – https://www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com

Surrogacy Australia – www.surrogacyaustralia.org


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