Ep: 26 Let’s talk about sex… sounds and pooping in Labour with Liesel Teen

Liesel Teen has been a Labor and Delivery Nurse for over 4 years and runs a very successful blog and instagram account, mommy.labornurse that openly shares her nursing knowledge to help mamas-to-be learn more about pregnancy and birth for a happier, healthier and safer delivery. She talks about all the things you want to know about but don’t ask about – so today I’m going to do that for you from sex sounds in labour to caring about your pubic hair – we’ve got you covered!

Find out more about Liesel and her birth course here: www.mommylabornurse.com

Liesel’s Must-have new mumma postpartum essentials: https://mommylabornurse.com/postpartum-essentials/

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