Ep: 25 Long-awaited Child – IVF, Adoption, Donor Eggs and Surrogacy with Kellie Harriden

Kellie Harriden, author of Long-awaited Child is an incredible Australian woman who travelled across continents to beat the odds in order to fulfill her quest to have children. Her journey to becoming mum started when she was 31 years old and 8 long years later she got the thing she wanted most – her twins Bane and Daya. Her and her partner Ian battled one obstacle after another, and this story spans across IVF, foster care, adoption, donor eggs and international surrogacy. It’s truly remarkable and I hope if nothing else, it inspires you to never let go of hope.

Purchase Kellie’s book here – https://longawaitedchild.com/products/long-awaited-child-the-book

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