Ep 2: My Morning Sickness Hacks

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Morning sickness – it’s like paying for a wild party you never got to go to! I honestly don’t think anyone could have prepared me for how sh*t I was going to feel and how robbed of my health I could possibly be! This is my personal experience and some of the things that helped (and didn’t do squat!)

In this episode I talk about:

(03:55) debunking the myth ‘the sicker you feel the healthier the baby’

(04:45) my experience with acupuncture

(05:40) taking Vitamin B6 (I took this brand)

(06:30) why it’s important to not get hungry!

(07:52) how Hypnosis can help (I used these two tracks, here and here)

(08:53) seasickness bands (I used these)

(10:00) why taking your vitamins at night could help

(10:15) Magnesium could be the missing factor (I used this spray)

(13:30) how essential oils helped me and why I don’t fear using them

++ a whole lot more!

I hope you enjoy this episode and more importantly, it helps!

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