Ep: 17 Changing perspectives on infertility and pelvic health with Nikki Bergen

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Nikki Bergen is the amazing lady behind The Belle Method, which is described as pelvic health meets Pilates. And more recently, The Bump method which is transforming exercise in pregnancy and in post partum. Nikki is a Pilates Instructor and professional Dancer based in Toronto who is a new mumma that has her own story of fertility struggles. She opens up about that in this episode as well as practical and interesting advice for the mums-to-be and the recovering mumma. Her message, which I love, is the slower you go the fast you change, hitting back at this unreasonable concept of “bouncing back quickly after child birth.” Even with a teething toddler in the background and technology issues – we got there in the end and I am so glad we did. I loved this chat and I hope you do too!

You can find out more about Nikki here: thebellemethod.com

And follow her on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/TheBelleMethod

And on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/thebellemethod

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