Ep: 11 #realmumtalk On our 34th attempt, we got our second miracle with Emily-Jade

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Emily Jade is a breakfast radio host, television presenter and writer based on the Gold Coast with over 20 years experience in the media. She is also very versed in the heartache that goes along with trying to start a family and today you’re going to hear a very raw and honest tale of how her and her husband Gerard brought their two miracle children into the world. It took them 2 years to fall with daughter Millie and after 32 transfers and a miscarriage their son Teddy was born last year. It’s an incredible story that Emily has a way of lightening up in a way that only she can. In this episode we cover:

(4:30) Preparing your first-born for a sibling

(6:27) Why we as parents aren’t meant to know it all and asking for help is key

(9:45) Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Endometriosos

(12:35) Seeking out natural alternatives and the importance of trying it all

(18:00) Emily’s low point – handing back foster kids and experiencing a miscarriage all at once

(21:00) The power of taking a mental break from trying to conceive

(23:20) Complications with an Incompetent Cervix in a geriatric pregnancy (any pregnant woman over 35 is considered a geriatric pregnancy!!)

(30:38) Alcohol as a coping mechanism and having something to look forward to

(33:00) When men and partners need to be considered in dealing with an IVF journey

(40:23) Why acceptance of ‘you can’t change what you’ve been given, but you can change how you deal with it’ is so important

(43:00) The importance of mutually agreeing on an ‘exit point’ of your conception journey

+ a whole lot more!

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