Christmas Bark

Ah the humble Christmas Bark. Otherwise known as the recipe where you throw everything on plate, cover it in chocolate and hope for the best! This is a decadent Christmas version with rose petals and pistachios – but really, you can use any dried stuff you want! I love roasted nuts as opposed to raw and I don’t particularly like dried fruit in there (but that’s just me!)

You can also experiment with using coconut cream for a white chocolate version. Hint though – use warm coconut cream that hasn’t been in the fridge if you do that. I learned doing a live video when I had a brain snap and added cold coconut cream straight from the fridge to warm melted chocolate (insert face palm here!)

CHristmas Bark

  • 100g dark chocolate of choice (I use Green & Blacks)
  • handful of roasted almonds
  • handful of pistachios
  • handful of coconut flakes
  • a sprinkling of rose petals
  • 6 drops of doTERRA essential oils (optional) but I love Wild Orange and Peppermint!

Line a flat plate with greaseproof paper and add to it all the ingredients except the chocolate. Spread them out evenly then pour the warm melted chocolate over the top in a nice thin layer. Freeze for at least 30 minutes before breaking into shards.

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