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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in
 a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
 - Anais Nin

Do you feel that you have more to offer, but you just don't know what?

Are you too scared to speak your mind to those around you?

Do fear and overwhelm stop you from going after what it is you really want?

Mothers... do you feel disconnected to that inner voice, the one that you always listened to before motherhood?

Are you ready to reclaim your confidence and live a life that is true to you?

there has never been a better time for you to find your voice. the world needs you

"I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not
the life that others expected of me."

I believe there are two reasons why so many people don't get what they want out of life:

1) they actually don't know what they want, and

2) if they do know, they don't have the confidence to go after it and detach themselves from the expectations of others (which by the way, is hardwired into us - so you're not alone if this is you!)

Have you heard of the best-selling book, 'The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying' by Bronnie Ware?

This Australian palliative care nurse, who spent the last days and weeks with thousands of dying patients came to discover that the following was the number one regret of those about to die:

That makes be feel sick to my stomach. It breaks my heart that a person can get to the end of their life and realise that they put the needs and expectations of others before their own wants, needs and desires.

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying - Bronnie Ware

I am here to ensure that you are not one of them.

The world needs to hear your message, in only the way you can tell it.

Here's what
you'll get:

Within 5 days, through 5 different videos

We will create a collection of powerful and intentional statements that will be unique to you.

Our beliefs shape our actions and our actions shape our lives. Many of us are on autopilot, carrying around beliefs that we picked up as a child, that no longer serve us (if they ever did at all!)

Together, we will identify what those limiting core beliefs are. Then we will erase them and replace them with beliefs that serve you.

Rewriting your Story

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

You will be introduced to the concept of 'Free Writing' and the powerful way that helps you to really connect with your authentic voice.

When you remove the most common barriers to your biggest desires (time and money), the truth tends to find its way out.

When is the last time you really allowed yourself to dream big? To entertain the possibility of all that you want in life?

Bold Visions

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Creativity lies within all of us. And it's not a competition. Making art for art's sake is one of life's simple pleasures - it's not for anyone but you. You don't have to profit from it and you don't have to post it on social media. Allow those creative urges to surface in the way they  know how.

Bust out the glue, old magazines, glitter sprinkles and the paint tubes! It's time to get artsy (just like you did in pre-school!)

Get Old School Creative

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

We'll explore how dance (no fancy routines here, promise!) is a creative outlet that helps us greatly in processing emotions and stoking the creative fire within.

Moving your body is an incredibly powerful way of shifting stagnant energy, and since that's what this entire universe is made from, (including you!) it's one of the best ways to nurture yourself.

Dance Medicine

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Practical tips will help to an extent, but it's practice that will truly get you there. In our safe private forum, we will have the opportunity to do this with supportive like-minded women, (think of them as your own private cheerleaders!)

I'll let you in on a little secret, you don't hate the sound of your voice or the way you look on camera... you're just not used to it!

Shine on Camera 

module five

module four

module three

module two

module one

Get the opportunity to jump on a call live with me and I'll answer any questions you may have

Live Q + A


An exclusive guided meditation audio designed to complement your course (and your confidence!)


Ensure each video you post looks profesh! Half the battle won ;)

Camera Confidence


You will also receive

Wait, that's not all!

Meditation Audio


Nicole's own journey on the road to self acceptance is a wonderful and honest story that many women experience, yet rarely discuss. 

Raw, real + relatable


Nicole intelligently facilitates honest discussions of sensitive topics through her innately unique blend of effervescence, whit and raw tenacity. She’s a smiling assassin - in all the right ways!

Intelligent, witty + raw


Nicole is down-to-earth, raw, authentic and hilarious! We need more role models like her for women - inspiring us to be our true selves and collaborate, not compete. Real queens fix each other's crowns. Love you!

We need more role models like Nicole


You are a light in what is sometimes a dark tunnel of impossible expectations projected on Instagram. Thank you for saying it as it is for many women.

You are a shining light 


Nicole you are the most genuine, kind and inspiring woman. It's amazing what you do for your community of women. You continue to inspire me

Such an inspiration

kind words

Yep, you read that correctly!

$5 AUD

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This program is priced well below what it's worth. I know that, you know that. But, I want as many people as possible standing up, using their voices and sharing their gifts with the world as I possibly can.
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It's not EVER going to be at this price again

Confidence for less than the price of a coffee!

You'll receive an email within 24 hours
 with all the details

I feel like it has taken the better part of two years to really reconnect with the parts of myself that don't have anything to do with being a mum. The parts of myself that I thought I didn't have time for anymore.

The 5 year struggle to falling pregnant, starting the Becoming Mum podcast, having Lucia, experiencing post-natal depression, not being able to breastfeed and failing (or so I thought) at motherhood - i.e being able to cook dinner, clean the house, run a business and be super fucking smiley about it all at the same time was all tied to my role as a mother. Which of course, you have to expect would be the case. But for how long?

How long are we expected to abandon those parts of us, the hopes + dreams, the life long desires? How long do they stay at the bottom of the priority list?

Just like when I made lifestyle changes to address my PND, there are simple (not always easy) things we can do to make a profound change in our lives now - mothers or not. Things that will help you gain clarity, strengthen your intuition and develop your confidence - something I know a bit about after appearing in television commercials for over 20 years.

Rediscovering the joy in moving my body, painting, singing, creating, making, cooking, is where I’m at in my own personal life so there is no surprises that my current offering to the world is a reflection of that.

I'm not here to teach you anything you don't already know. I'm here to help you reconnect to your truth, in only the way you know how.

From Becoming Mum
to Finding Me

I recommend getting a small notebook or journal specific to this course. And art materials don't have to be fancy. Glue, scissors and old magazines would be great, but really whatever pencils, paints or things to stick on will work!

What materials do I need?


The videos will be around 15 mins or so, however the daily tasks will take anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes. Remember you can go at your own pace and catch up when it suits.

How much time will it take each day?


The course videos will be updated daily via a private Facebook group. You will need a Facebook account to participate. The videos are pre-recorded (except the LIVE Q+A) and can be watched at your convenience.

How is the course delivered?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

want to start saying yes to YOU

would like to explore and develop your creativity, but you just don't know where to start

are feeling stuck, uninspired or a little lost

want to be able to confidently express your ideas and message to people in your life, in your workplace or online

are interested in coming along to the Day retreat on May 30 and want a little taster first ;)

This course is perfect for you if you:

Yep, you read that right!

$5 AUD

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Nope. This is it. This program. For 5 bucks.

Is this too good to be true?

You'll clearly see what has been holding you back

You'll have the tools to gain clarity on your deepest desires and dreams

Trusted tips + tricks to help you move forward with confidence

A new, deeply supportive network of like-minded women

I am so excited to see you in there!

Clarity, creativity & confidence

After this course you will walk away with

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