Overcome self doubt & show up confidently on video

Personalised Video Coaching


Does that little voice inside tell you that you're not good enough to be on video?

Do you feel as though you're not 'expert' enough or you don't know enough?

Does the logistics of setting up video just overwhelm you?

Do you lack the confidence to be able to speak about your services?

Do you worry about what other people will think or that you will 'mess it up?'

The world needs to hear your message, in only the way you can tell it.


Live Coaching

I'll provide feedback in real time (45 mins) as we practice & you'll also have the opportunity to submit a video afterwards.

After our session together you will receive a personalised tips list that highlights all of the most important reminders for you.


A checklist to ensure all your videos have what it takes -great lighting, great angles &
a clear message.

Video Checklist 


What you will receive

Personalised Tips

bec / @honestlybec_

Thank you Nicole for allowing me to safely step out of my comfort zone. It has been so much fun! When I chose to work with you, for me it came with an accountability to ensure I stay on track. Your reassurance throughout the process has been so wonderful in helping me feel comfortable and brave enough to start sharing my passion with others! Here’s to the next part of my journey 

You're wonderful!

joyce savage

are just a few words to describe Nicole Joy. Her passion to help women to gain confidence shines through to her work. She made me feel empowered and confident during the shoot and her guidance on coaching me to the align with my “help statement” is an eye opener.

Energetic, enthusiastic and honest 


I’m in the early stages of setting up my business and I felt like I needed a bit of guidance from a professional. So I reached out to Nicole who has been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. She really helped me to nail down who my ideal client will be and to get a clear idea in my head how I can help them. 

I was so nervous about my photoshoot as I’m not someone who is confident on camera AT ALL. She made me feel so at ease and with her guidance I now have images for my website that I am SO proud of!

kind words

It's not that you hate the way you sound, it's that you're not used to it. Practice, practice, practice & it won't be that unfamiliar to you!

I hate the way I sound on camera!


Do you want to reach more of the right customers for you? Video is not an option anymore - it's a necessity and with all the social platforms favouring video content, it's a no brainer to get this down pat.

Do I really need to do videos?


All you need is your smart phone! I promise you don't need to be a tech whiz to figure this stuff out. I'll guide you through step-by-step on how to produce quality videos without all the fuss!

I don't have fancy equipment & I'm not a 'tech' person


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

are full of self-doubt & need someone to gently coach you & equip you with the right tools to address that (because if that doesn't change, nothing will!)

need personalised attention & not random videos on Youtube to learn from

want to zero in on your video presence without being overwhelmed by anything else.

You have your personal branding photos all sorted & just need something extra

Psssst. this session is FREE as part of my VIP package if you need the whole
kit & caboodle.

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Is this too good to be true?

You'll clearly see what has been holding you back

You'll have the tools to gain clarity on your deepest desires and dreams

Trusted tips + tricks to help you move forward with confidence

A new, deeply supportive network of like-minded women

I am so excited to see you in there!

Camera Confidence!

After our session, you'll be saying hello to

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